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5 Types of Vision Boards that are great for Kids

types of vision boards

Now you know the benefits vision boards can deliver for kids, you may be keen to get started. However, before you do, it’s worth researching about the different types of vision boards you can use.

There are several types of vision boards you can use for kids and each has its own unique benefits. Here, we’ll look at 5 types of vision boards you can create with your kids.


types of vision boards
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1. The cut-out vision board

The most popular vision board for kids is the cut-out version. This basically involves finding material to go onto the board from magazines or photos, then cutting them out and sticking them on.

Cork boards are a popular base to use for these types of vision boards. Or, alternatively you can use a white board. You’ll just need scissors and glue and potentially even a few craft supplies to decorate the board.

As a general rule, it’s better to add bright images if you want them to really inspire and motivate your kids.

2. The digital vision board

One of the more modern vision board ideas, is to create a digital board. These are made and put together entirely online. You can make them really fancy by using graphic creation software and apps.

Simply find digital photos, arrange them using the software, then print it out. You can either use photo paper to print it out, or you could opt to send it to a professional printing company who can put it onto a canvas for you.

These types of boards do tend to look stunning once printed. They are also very easy to create as you don’t need to cut anything out. However, they can be a little more time consuming and they also require your child to have some knowledge of graphic creation software.

3. Occasion specific vision boards

Most vision boards focus on general life goals. However, you could also help your child to create occasion specific vision boards. These could include summer vision boards, Christmas themed boards, or birthday themed vision boards.

These types of boards are actually great for kids as they aren’t set too far in the future. It can be difficult for kids to stay motivated towards long-term goals. So, starting out with occasion specific vision boards can be a great way to introduce the concept to younger children.


types of vision boards

4. The physical object vision board

If you’re looking for a fun type of vision board to create with the kids, a physical object variation is recommended. Rather than using images to represent your child’s goals and dreams, instead you’ll use physical objects.

This type of vision board is very hands on. As well as providing a fun, craft-based activity, physical object vision boards can also help with your child’s sensory development. As they need to be more involved in its creation, kids also tend to become more immersed in this type of board.

As effective as physical object vision boards can be, they can also be the most challenging to put together. This is because you’ll need to find items which are small and light enough to fit on the board. It can also prove challenging finding objects to represent your child’s dreams.

types of vision boards
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5. A vision book

The last type of vision board project you can create with your kids is the vision book. Rather than using a board to highlight your child’s dreams and goals, instead you’ll put them into a notebook.

There are a lot of advantages of these types of boards. Goals can be separated onto different pages, plus they will be able to carry the book around with them. As you can see, there are many different types of vision boards you can create with your kids. It’s a good idea to consider their skill level, age and the types of goals they are looking to include on the board. This will give you the best idea of which type is right for you and your child.

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