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How to Protect Your Kids from Mosquitoes with Buzz Patch Mosquito Repellent Patches

buzz patch

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My Back Story

Back when Raven, my daughter, was a baby I woke up one morning to find her covered in mosquito bites.⁠ This wasn’t the first time she had mosquito bites all over her, as where we live there are a lot of mosquitoes. We have flyscreen’s on our windows and try to ensure no mosquitoes are in the kid’s rooms of a night.⁠ But there is always at least one we can never get.

I started putting a plug-in fly spray diffuser on each night which helped. But I didn’t like the thought of that staying on all night because of the chemicals in the air. Plus, it wasn’t any good if the kids were playing outside, especially during these hot Australian summers. Then I found out that my daughter is allergic to mosquito bites.⁠ She would get swelling around the bites and it could take a couple of weeks for them to go down.

I wanted to find something that was natural, that she could have on her whenever she was outside or in bed. But I wanted it to be discreet and not a chemical spray that you have to spray all over your body.

buzz patch

I had seen wrist bands that people used that contained ingredients to help repel mosquitoes. Some of the ingredients were natural and some were not. I didn’t want chemicals sitting on my daughter’s skin.

Then one day I saw a post pop up on Facebook for a product called Buzz Patch. They are stickers that you can place on the children’s clothing that help repel mosquitoes.⁠ I thought this is cool, it doesn’t touch their skin. They contain natural ingredients and you can’t even tell that they are mosquito repellents. And they just look like a kid got a sticker.

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What is Buzz Patch?

Buzz Patch is worn on your children’s clothing, they do not come in contact with their skin. They contain a mixture of citronella and other essential oils that are at their most effective within the first 8 hours of application. However, they continue to be effective for 24-72 hours after application. They come in a pack of 60 colours and contain cute emoji faces on some of the stickers.

The patches have a very slight smell, but nothing too overpowering. It’s just like wearing a small amount of essential oils. I cannot smell it unless I am right up close to it.

They do not contain any chemicals like DEET or Picaridin which can be found in other repellents like sprays, lotions or candles. They are non-toxic, contain allergy free oils and are environmentally friendly. And the best part, they are designed and formulated in Australia. Meaning they are designed for the Australian summers where mosquitoes can be like a plague.

Review of Buzz Patch

I have been using these patches for over a year now and the kids have never had a mosquito bite on them since. I absolutely love these.⁠ And as a parent I now know that my kids are safe from mosquitoes. Safe from having to use nasty chemicals and best of all, they love wearing them as they don’t see them being a mosquito repellent. They are just cute stickers that they get to wear.

To try Buzz Patch for yourself, click on the button below and have a browse of their website and let me know what you think.

How do you stop mosquitoes biting your children? Comment below.

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  • Laurie

    Have u tried the buzz patches on your fur babies?

    • Briony Young

      No. I prefer to use stuff made for animals. But you could always ask the company if it’s safe for them or not.

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