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Super Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids + Free Download

Rainy Day Activities

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Lately, the weather here has not been the best. We are up to our fourth day of torrential rains. Family and friends being stuck inside, some even unable to go to the shops as they are flooded in. It is on days like this that the kids really start to get cabin fever. So here are some rainy day activities to keep your kids entertained indoors.

Bake Together

Let everyone choose something they want to bake together as a family. It could be cookies, muffins, a cake – anything yummy and bake-able! Then, you all work together as a family to get the ingredients and make something super delicious everyone can be proud of being a part of.

Read a Story

To get the whole family involved in a favourite story, try acting it out instead of just reading it! Everyone will become part of the story, and you will all have an amazing memory to look back on forever. Bonus points for going all-in with costumes, funny voices, and homemade props!

Play Board Games

Sometimes just a relaxing day of playing board games is a great way to pass the time. If you want to add a little something extra, try making up some new rules and change the same old games up a bit! You can also create your very own games like themed charades, or scavenger hunts! Unleash your creative side and play by your own rules.

Rainy Day Activities

Do Some Craft

Colouring, collages, slime making, painting, etc. are all examples of super fun crafts you can do with your family. Art is something that can be therapeutic, so make sure this is a positive experience with no bad ideas or critiques. Art styles are all different, and there is no wrong way to be creative. Just have fun!

Need inspiration: Visit Pinterest, or you can go to Generation Mindful for some free craft resources that also teach your kids about emotions.

Build a Pillow Fort

One person can make an awesome pillow fort, but a whole family can make an epic pillow CASTLE! Use cardboard boxes, blankets, couch cushions, pillows, and more to create a huge pillow fort to hang out in.

Have a Movie Marathon

Get comfy and watch a movie series for a day with lots of snacks and finger food. Stay in your jammies for extra comfort!

Have a Fashion Show

Let the kids try on some old clothes from your closet, and make the craziest outfits they can think of… Then, the parents can pretend to be fashion show judges and score everyone’s costumes.

Rainy Day Activities

Write a Story

This can be done in a lot of ways. You can use a white/chalkboard to add words while everyone takes turns adding one word at a time. You can also write one all together and put it on paper you can bind together into a homemade book.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are awesome ways to get the brain and body moving. There are also lots of ways to set up a scavenger hunt! You can theme it by colour, size, room, and more! Set a time limit if you have older kids; and make sure if you have younger kids, that they can have fun without feeling too pressured to “win.”

Play Hide & Seek

Hide and seek is not just for the outdoors. Set up pillow forts, sheets over tables etc as places to hide. Be as inventive as possible.

Create a Scrap Book

To make your own memories for your family’s future, take pictures and add them to a new album! You can even try out scrapbooking to make it even more meaningful and organized. Everyone can fill out a page in their own style and write their own little memory notes next to each picture.

Build an Obstacle Course

You can use anything to build an obstacle course, chairs lounges, boxes, steps, hoops. Let you Imaginate run wild. This is a great way for the kids to burn off some energy.

Sing Karaoke

Karaoke is a lot of fun and making it a family affair is sure to get lots of laughs. You can even hold a contest for the silliest song/voice combo.

Rainy Day Activities

Make Your Own Playdough

This is great for rainy days as you only need a few ingredients. Let the kids help you to make the playdough and then join in the fun of making playdough shapes together.

Here is a great playdough recipe: The Best Ideas for Kids – Playdough Recipe

Have a Dance Party

Make a playlist with everyone’s favourite songs and have a big dance party! Go crazy and have fun just shaking out all your troubles.

Play Family Video Games

A lot of modern video games and systems have awesome multiplayer options that make family fun super easy! Keep it pressure-free and have fun! Games are meant to be played to have FUN, not just to win.

Make Card for Family & Friends

Make some handmade cards with happy messages, or write some kind letters, and send them out to your family and friends.

Family activities are wonderful opportunities to bond and create amazing memories with your kids. Always be sure that everyone can enjoy themselves, and that not everything is a competition. Just be creative and have fun with it.


Rainy Day Activities
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