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The Power of Visualization in the Law of Attraction

power of visualisation

One of the key components of attracting what you desire through the law of attraction and manifesting is visualizing. Your thoughts will only get you so far, as the LOA is more about feelings, not thoughts. Your thoughts begin you to start feeling how you will feel once you get what you are trying to attract. But what happens in the middle? Visualizing it! This is the power of visualization.


Benefits of Visualizing What You Want

There are so many amazing benefits to visualization, especially when it comes to the law of attraction. As you might know, to manifest what you desire, you not only think about what you feel, but try to feel it. This is often the missing puzzle piece people don’t understand. With visualization, you can really get into that place of achieving what you desire, and feeling and experiencing it as if it has already happened.

Visualizing can also happen in a number of other ways, including:

power of visualization

Helping to maintain a positive mindset. To manifest what you want, you need to raise your vibration and maintain positivity, knowing deep down you WILL achieve this. Visualization is a great way to find that faith and see it play out exactly how you want it.

Reducing limiting beliefs. Everyone has limiting beliefs, these beliefs that they can’t have something because of some circumstance. With visualization, these don’t matter and they no longer exist in your new reality.

Raising your vibrations. Since visualization helps you see things as you want them, and not as they are, it reduces stress and gives you hope. This can do wonders for your vibrational energy.


Methods for Visualizing

Here are some different ways you can start visualizing what you hope to manifest:

Create a vision board – To see what you desire, get pictures of what it is you want, and put them on a board called a vision board. This can be for the next year, the next month, or a lifetime of dreams you want to accomplish.

Use scripting – Writing what you want in the present tense, as if it has already happened and you are living that dream life, helps tremendously with visualization.

Try meditation – Lastly, you can clear your mind and visualize more effectively by using meditation. Just a few minutes a day of breathing exercises is enough to get this done.

Check out this visualisation meditation on YouTube.

Remember it is About Feelings, Not Thoughts

As you work on visualization, really focus on how you would feel if you had that thing you want, not just on your thoughts. Visualization helps you get into that place where you are living your dream life, which allows you to feel it. You feel the steering wheel of your brand new car, you feel the wind on your face while standing on the balcony of your beach house, you feel the comfort and security of wealth and abundance.

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