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5 Tips for Making Moving House with Kids an Easy Process

moving house with kids

My family and I are embarking on our next journey, moving into our forever home. We have purchased some acreage and are building our dream home with Mojo Homes.

We weren’t going to sell our current house until the new house was built but with the way the market is now in Australia we decided to sell before interest rates rise. And we are glad we did. However, this then meant that we had to find a rental and move into it until the new house is built.

Unfortunately, we left it late to start packing and it was a very stressful move. The kids did not fully understand what was happening and I noticed it really affected them.

We have been in the rental for almost a month now and I still have boxes everywhere and can’t find things.

Now I am determined to get all our belongings in order ready for when we move to our forever home. And I want to ensure the next move is less stressful and more exciting for the kids.

Having dealt with this move I have realised that there are 5 things you can do to ensure your move runs smoothly and the kids feel like a part of the process.

1.     Be honest with the kids

I tried to shield the kids as much as possible from all the stress of the move, but that didn’t work. The house was full of boxes, toys were packed away and on moving day they stayed with their Nana. Any sort of change is stressful, both for adults and kids, but this is something that can’t be hidden.

My husband and I have already started telling the kids about the next move. They are planning what colour they want their bedrooms to be, getting excited for the new beds they will get and being able to run amuck on the property.

I will be letting them help pack and unpack and get the house ready. Making them more involved in the process eases the stress, eases them into the changes that are occurring and makes it a more enjoyable experience for the parents and the kids. Which makes moving house with kids a whole lot easier.

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2.     Declutter

Because we left everything to the last minute, I didn’t have time to go through everything. Therefore, we ended up bringing pretty much everything from the old house into the rental. As I started unpacking, I realised that it wouldn’t be a simple unpack, I was going to have to go through each box and declutter. This now means that boxes are still laying around the house and we are still looking for things.

We have started to work on one box at a time, decluttering and organising the items. I have already had one kerb side pick-up and I am sure there will be a few more. It is so much easier to move when you have less stuff cluttering up your life. And only keeping what you truly need or want ensures that you are only taking things you will use.

moving house with kids

3.     Properly label your boxes

Unfortunately, I didn’t properly label the boxes when we were moving. I was so stressed and just completely over it that I got to the point where I started writing “random shit” on boxes, and of course these are the boxes that haven’t been unpacked yet.

I wanted to ensure that the kid’s bedrooms and play area were the first things to be unpacked to ensure they felt settled as soon as they got there, but because I couldn’t find all their boxes, I couldn’t set up their areas properly. This made it stressful for them as they didn’t have all their familiar items around them.

So, label boxes properly. If the kids have their own rooms label the boxes like this “Raven’s Toys”, or “Raven’s Clothes”. Or if they have a shared playroom, label the boxes “Playroom – Arts and crafts”, “Playroom – soft toys”, etc.

Also, when you label the boxes properly it ensures that the movers are aware of where the boxes go and whether or not the boxes are fragile, I lost a few glasses from incorrect packaging and labelling. Which brings me to my next tip.

moving house with kids

4.     Pack your fragile items properly

I packed my kitchenware and glasses by wrapping them in paper and shoving them into a box. It was naïve of me to think they wouldn’t get damaged. When I unpacked the glasses there were quite a few that were broken, not because of the movers but because I didn’t pack them properly or label them as fragile. We also lost a computer screen from not packing it properly.

Not packing items properly can become a costly experience as then you must go and buy new items.

Bunnings has a wide variety of packaging materials to ensure your items don’t get damaged, for example, glass separators, bubble wrap, fragile labels etc. It may cost a little bit more to ensure your items are packed properly but trust me, buying new items can be way more costly.

5.     Hire a mover

When we originally moved into our old house, we moved ourselves in. We didn’t have much furniture as we were both coming from our parents’ houses. The move was easy and took just a couple of hours.

This time we decided to hire a mover. We severely underestimated how long it would take to move all our items. It took the movers 9 hours to move us 5 minutes away from our old house. Had we have done it ourselves it would have taken us a few days.

It can be expensive to hire a mover, but it is worth it, it makes the move less stressful and allows you to focus on making the move a more enjoyable experience for the kids.

One more point I have with regards to moving is to organise as you unpack. Get storage containers, baskets, drawers etc, and organise you items properly so that later down the track you won’t need to reorganise things that aren’t working well for you. Then if ever you did have to move again having an organised, decluttered home with make it that much easier.

I am working on organising all our items while we are in the rental and will share with you my progress through a new series called “Organise with Me”.

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Moving doesn’t have to be stressful like it was for me if you follow these 5 tips. And remember, we can’t all do everything, so ask for help, get the kids involved and make it an enjoyable experience for you and the family.

If you would like to see more about our new home build, follow us on Instagram at @younghousebuild

Have you moved recently? What tips do you have that can help with the moving process? Comment below.

moving house with kids
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