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How To Have Your Kids Help With Meal Time

kids help with meal

Instead of just doing all the meal prep and cooking on your own; consider having your kids help with meal time. They can help with everything from chopping vegetables to actually cooking parts of the meals. This also reduces how much you have to do on your own.

Have Kids Help With Meal Prep

To start with, have your kids help you prepare meals. Depending on their ages and abilities; this can be anything from chopping vegetables, mixing ingredients, or actually doing some of the cooking. Teaching your kids at a young age to begin helping with dinner is a great lesson for them so that they can become more independent; but also lets them help you a little more around the house. Also, when your kids start helping with meals, they become more interested in healthy cooking and eating; and will even give you some of their own recommendations.

Let Your Kids Choose Their Healthy Food Choices

Another way to get more help from your kids when meal time arrives is by having them choose some of their own healthy food choices. This gets them more involved and interested; but can also take some of the meal planning work out of what you need to do yourself. When you are getting ready to work on meal planning, ask your kids what they would like in their lunches for the week. Choose the healthiest options from their choices; and use that to guide your meal planning list in the right direction.


Make Cooking a Family Event

You can also turn cooking dinner into a complete family event. Gather everyone together each evening to put together your meal; with one kid chopping veggies, the younger kids mixing ingredients or setting the table, and the older kids or teenagers helping with the cooking. This is another thing that gets you some help in the kitchen; while also teaching your kids a valuable tool they can use in their life.

Try New Things Together

When you have your kids help more with meals and meal planning, you can also get their input on trying new things. Perhaps your middle schooler has a friend who often has a certain type of meal each week and talks about it at school; and they want to try it out. Go ahead and take these suggestions to heart and really think about how you can turn them into new family meals to try out. You can also sit down as a family and discuss new recipes you want to try, looking through sites like Pinterest together to find delicious and fun meals.

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