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Using Hygge for Gift Giving – How to Spread the Joy


Hygge, pronounced (Hue-gah) is a Danish word originally derived from an Old Norwegian word meaning well-being and protection from the outside elements. Denmark has notoriously cold, long winters. The concept of hygge has been used by Danish people to help mentally combat the brutally dark, relentless winter season and fill their homes with comfort and love.

Hygge is a word that is so important to Danish people; it’s often used to describe what their culture is all about. Hygge is not necessarily something specific that you can buy, because it’s more of a feeling than a possession. Hygge can widely be described as a feeling of cosiness, comfort, familiarity, friendship, laughter and seasonal homemade food and drinks.

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Using Hygge in Gift Giving

Gift giving is one the most fulfilling aspects of the holiday season. Generally, people will think of the joy in receiving a special gift for the holidays. But being the giver of a meaningful gift can be even more gratifying.

Great gifts are really more about the thoughtful intention behind them, than the actual gift itself. A holiday hygge gift is well thought out, and might include something homemade or something cozy for the home.

Embracing the spirit of gift giving should start with thinking about the person you are giving to. Look into their interests and hobbies. Really think about what makes them happy. Listen for any mentions of clues as you interact with them. Ask mutual friends or family, if you’re still stuck.

Where to Find Hygge Inspired Gifts

Once you are ready to shop, try locally owned shops when looking for a great gift, as there tend to be more unique finds. Some may even have homemade gifts or art from local artists. While you are in the store remember to keep focused on the preferences of the receiver, not your own, and keep an open mind.

Wrapping your special gift is nearly as important as the gift is. The wrapping is the presentation of your gift, so it should be neat and festive.

Some ideas for hygge gift wrapping might be; a natural-looking and cute cardboard box, wrapping paper with snow, birds or nature on it. You could even get creative and use a knit stocking or something seasonal to put your gift in.


Embracing the Hygge Concept

Ideas for gifts that encompass the hygge concept are many. Hygge is all about the feeling of coziness and warmth. So, it’s no surprise that gifts for the home are at the top of the list. Textiles such as blankets, throws and pillows make great gifts. Warm lighting is key in a hygge home, so things like candles and tea light lanterns also make the perfect present too.

Seasonal food and drinks embrace the hygge lifestyle as well. Putting together a hot chocolate kit is a wonderful idea for your chocolate loving friend. Arrange the gift, using a thoughtful mug, a small decorative spoon and some cocoa mix. Or you could put together the ingredients for your most favourite cookie recipe, wrap them in a basket and include the handwritten recipe and note.

A great place to start for handmade, local gifts is through your local markets or on Etsy.

The ideas are endless when it comes to spreading the holiday cheer through hygge gift giving. After all, it’s far more joyful to give than receive.

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