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Implementing a Chore Chart for Kids – Make Over Edition

chore chart for kids

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A couple of months ago my daughter turned 4. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone; they grow up so fast. I was noticing that she wanted to help me with things around the house, some things I let her help me with but some things she is a bit too young to start doing. And it got me thinking, now is probably the right time to introduce a chore chart for kids. That way she can choose which tasks she wants to complete and see her progress as she does those tasks.

So I was thinking I would design a responsibility chart for her myself, but then I remembered my sister gave me her kids old magnetic responsibility chart. Perfect, I don’t have to worry about designing one. But the chart was only for one kid, and I wanted to get one ready for her brother too. Plus, I didn’t like some of the chores that were listed on the magnets, so why not do a responsibility chart make-over, turn one chart into two custom responsibility charts.

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Turning one chore chart for kids into two

As I said, the responsibility chart I was given was for one child only and I wanted to make it for two kids. So, I started by separating the chart into two. I also designed stickers to be placed onto the magnetic boards, so they had their own custom charts. I got the stickers printed through Vistaprint.

Customising the magnets

Next, I started customising the magnets. I painted half of the circular magnets red for my daughter and the other half blue for my son. I then printed some labels on my Dymo printer saying “done”.

We painted the chore magnets silver and printed labels with different chores on them and placed them on the magnets. To seal all the magnets, I sprayed them with a clear lacquer.

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chore chart for kids
chore chart for kids


I am pretty happy with the final outcome. We now have two beautiful custom responsibility charts for both of my kids, ready for them to start learning responsibilities and looking after their things.

chore chart for kids
chore chart for kids

What do you currently use as a responsibility chart for your kids? Do you use a chart or something different? Do you want me to design a free generic responsibility chart? Comment below.

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