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About The Mumma Behind Mumma Young & Co.

Hi, I am Briony. Mother to two beautiful children, and ‘mother’ to five rambunctious fur-babies. I am a Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur and the owner of Mumma Young Designs. A graphic and web design business, designing and selling motivational and digital products. Based on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Continue reading for more information about me.

My History with Depression

I have battled depression, anxiety and PTSD for over 20 years. After suffering childhood trauma and the loss of multiple family members when I was a teenager I spiralled into a deep suicidal depression. Prior to that I spent years dealing with chronic pain and scoliosis.

Luckily my mother saw that I was suffering and got me the help I needed. Little did I know back then that my battle with mental and physical health issues would be something I would deal with for the rest of my life.

A lot of my life has been spent in pain and searching for answers to my long list of symptoms. It was not until I was 33 years old, and after a Google search, that I asked my doctor to refer me to see a genetic specialist. It was then that I found out I had hEDS, which stands for Hypermobility Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. HEDS is a condition that affects all the connective tissue in your body.

My husband and I were also told that I would not be able to have kids. But much to my surprise, and after 8 years of trying, I fell pregnant and gave birth to my beautiful daughter. Thinking that was just a one-off stroke of luck, I was surprised when 6 months after I gave birth I was pregnant again. However, sadly, I lost that baby. But I was so happy I was able to have one kid despite being told it would never happen. Fast forward 2 years and another surprise, I was pregnant again. But little did I know how bad this pregnancy would be on me.

My Relapse into Depression

In 2019, while pregnant with my second child I experienced large amounts of pain and had another relapse into depression. It was a bad relapse, one that lead my thoughts back down the path of suicide. But because I have dealt with these mental health issues for a long time, I realised myself that I needed help right away.

After the birth of my second child I found that I did not really want to hold him. It seemed the depression continued on postnatally. I received a tremendous amount of help from the public health care system and have been shown numerous strategies to help deal with my depression, anxiety and PTSD, which I would love to share with others. So I decided that, due to not being able to work anymore because of the hEDS, I would start my own blog and share my stories and struggles that comes with dealing with mental and physical health issues. As well as being a mum and trying to get through my day-to-day life. So began the Mumma Young & Co blog.

About the Blog

This blog is not one where I give parenting or general advice, it is a means of supporting others who are in a similar situation to me, letting them know that they are not alone. It is a place where I share my highlights (and low lights) and touch on the real everyday life struggles that exist within these modern times. It is also a place where others can share their stories.

This blog, its contents and my journey are all a work in progress. A progress that I would like to share with you. But please note that I am not a medical professional, and the information and strategies throughout this blog are ones that have helped me, they may not help you. None of what I share is in anyway psychological advice. And, if like me, you have these daily struggles, nothing takes the place of seeking professional help.

Join me as I share my journey with you.

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